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Ellwyn Medical Practice Merger

The Ellwyn Medical Practice, Glenfield Medical Practice and O’Connell Street Medical Practice will be merging into one practice from 1st April 2023.  We will be known as Mairches Medical Practice (the old Scots word for Scottish Borders).

General Practice is currently facing unprecedented challenges, with difficulty recruiting new doctors and nurses, as existing staff move on or reach retirement age.  The difficulties following the COVID-19 pandemic have only made the situation worse, and the current climate is likely to affect our ability to deliver contracted services in the future, with small and single handed practices being at particular risk.

The Ellwyn and Glenfield practices already have close links, working in the same health centre for many years.  The O’Connell Street Practice (Hawick) is in the fortunate position of having a large primary care workforce, with the ability to staff a second site.  The GPs have known each other for many years, and a merger seemed like a logical progression.

Following the merger, we will continue to operate from the existing premises at Galashiels Health Centre and O’Connell Street Medical Practice, so in reality, patients will not notice any major changes to the service they currently receive.

The main change you will see will be related to staffing.  The GPs currently based at O’Connell Street, will also be working in Galashiels, ADDING TO THE EXISTING TEAMS.  We have already started the transition, and GPs are currently working in both Ellwyn and Glenfield Practices in preparation of the merger.  Drs Jhooti and Treliving will continue to consult, but there will also be the option of consulting with other GPs, if you wish.  Following the merger, Dr Sim will be retiring from General Practice.

Any changes will be gradual, and in the period immediately following the merger, you will see no change at all.  We will be working toward creating a single Reception Desk, but consulting rooms and practice premises will remain unchanged.

The aim of the merger is therefore to:

  • Provide sustainable high quality consistent care for our registered patients.
  • Improve access to more clinical staff for patients.
  • Futureproof the Practices and provide us with better opportunities to recruit clinical staff.

We understand there may be apprehension, and you could have questions regarding the merger.  We have therefore produced a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ sheet, which addresses common queries; a copy can be collected from Reception.

If you still have questions or comments after reading the FAQ sheet, you can make contact using the following methods:

  • Complete the comments section on the reverse of the FAQ sheet, and hand in to reception at your practice.
  • Write to us at the Ellwyn Medical Practice.

We are keen to hear your views and feedback will be used to ensure we provide a service that meets our patients’ needs.